CEM Music Studio | Battling Acid Reflux? This is for you!
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Battling Acid Reflux? This is for you!

Weapons to Help You Battle Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is the nemesis of so many singers, causing swelling in the vocal folds, irritation of the vocal tract, bothersome amounts of mucus (clearing your throat a lot, lately?) and sometimes a raspy quality to the vocal tone.  Worst of all, acid reflux is a major contributor to vocal fatigue.  All that swelling and irritation means that your voice will tire faster, even with good technique.

So what’s a singer to do?

  1. I’m not a doctor and don’t give medical advice, so that first thing to do is to talk to a doctor about your concerns and ask for their guidance.  They may prescribe an acid blocker or suggest an over-the-counter medication to help you control the acid.  This is a great place to start!  However, remember that changes in your daily habits can have a dramatic effect on your acid reflux as well.  That brings us to…
  2. Check your diet.  Limit the foods that cause additional acid production.  For some singers this means foods like tomatoes, oranges (orange juice) or any citrus, breads/pastas, etc.
  3. Drink a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar (raw, unfiltered, with “The Mother”) each morning.  I know, I know – ACV tastes horrible!  I dilute mine in 8 oz of grape juice each morning and it’s quite enjoyable that way.  ACV aids the body’s digestion and assists in balancing the acid within the body.  I’ve controlled my acid reflux with ACV and diet for over ten years!
  4. Stop eating three hours before bed.  The last thing you want to do is lay down horizontally while your stomach is working hard to break down your last meal.  Give your stomach a few hours to digest the food before your clock out for the night.
  5. Some singers have found relief by limiting the amount of raw fruits and vegetables they eat.  Now you need those fruits and veggies, so just make sure that they are cooked or steamed before eating.  This makes them easier for the stomach to digest and less acid is produced.

None of my suggestions are medical advice and you should consult your doctor with all your medical questions.  These tips have proven helpful for thousands of singers in gaining control of their acid reflux and rebuilding their voice.

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