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It is safe to say I would not have made it through Senior year without Camiah Mingorance.  The progress I have made under her tutelage is indescribable.  What sets Camiah apart from other vocal tutors is her knowledge of the voice and it’s anatomy which she applies to each individual student in a way that will allow them to reach their full potential.  Whether she was digging through countless sources to find the perfect song for me, making cuts right before my auditions, or just offering a shoulder to cry on, everything Camiah did was with such dedication to her students.  Not only am I so lucky to have had her as a voice teacher but as a mentor and friend who’s wisdom I will carry with me as I continue on my journey as a performer.

Camille Duvall, Musical Theatre Major at Texas State University

Working with Camiah Mingorance has revolutionized my vocal abilities! She took someone who had no formal training and got me into one of the top 25 schools of music in the nation on a vocal scholarship in just over 7 months!! She works magic!! She is extremely specific in how she is able to correct vocal issues and gets to the root of the bad habits immediately to fix them. Her knowledge of music and vocal anatomy in unparalleled! Most importantly, she invests in your life. She is real and doesn’t dance around critiques, but she is also willing to go above and beyond to help you grow! I highly recommend Camiah Mingorance as a vocal coach! She is the best!

Samantha Blake

Musical Theater Major, Belmont University

I first met Camiah in a production of In The Heights months before taking lessons.  After seeing what she did in that show, I knew I should take the opportunity and begin private lessons.  Camiah has helped me grow as a singer incredibly.  Her teaching styles are impressive in all aspects of vocal performance.  Camiah also has a great knowledge of vocal health and keeps all her clients’ voices in top shape.  All this being said, I am most grateful for her helping me grow as a person.  Every lesson she gives me confidence and courage to not be afraid to take risks.  I remember my first voice lessons I didn’t even want to sing because I was so terrified.  Now I can do things I would never do before.  I am truly blessed to have Camiah as my vocal coach!

Carson Matte

Musical Theater Major, Coastal Carolina University

Camiah Mingorance is the best of the best. Not only does she care about her students’ gifts, but she cares about them as people. I believe having someone like that has great influence of the progress of a student. She lovingly pushes to show students how much farther they can go. She believes in students wholeheartedly. She is very educated but meets students where they are to help them understand her teachings. And she’s just so much fun to be around. She has made me a better, healthier singer. She has made me a better, healthier person. Camiah took me from a 2nd place state winner at NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) to a State and Regional champ, AND a National Semifinalist.
More than that, she has given me so much knowledge about the inner workings of my voice and how to take care of it so I can sustain 7-8 shows a week. She is a huge part of why I will be training to be a vocal coach in the next few months.
Last but not least, she is a great person who always has wanted to see me do my best. My voice and confidence would not be the same without her studio. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is ready to learn a lot, work hard, and have a great time.

T’Arica Crawford

Camiah Mingorance is truly incredible. There is no other person in my life that I respect and admire as much as her. Not only is she the most talented voice teacher I have ever seen or heard of in my life, she is the kindest, most compassionate person you could ever hope to work with. She saw and continues to see potential in a deaf boy who for some reason really wanted to sing. And on the days on which I really thought my disability would make it impossible for me to sing on pitch, she had confidence, passion, and hope enough for the both of us. The amount of weekly improvement she not only pulls out of me, but out of all my peers around me, is absolutely astounding. This woman is talented enough to rule the music industry, but she chooses to teach because she cares about us. She truly does care about each and every one of her students and would do absolutely anything to help them succeed. I have often been afraid of leaving Georgia and going to college, solely because I would no longer see Camiah every day. I would not trade my time with Camiah Mingorance for anything in the world.

Chip Keebaugh

My daughter has taken voice lessons with Camiah for over a year. It has been unbelievable to see the improvement in her voice in such a short period of time. However, what I have found even more impressive is the way Camiah communicates as she teaches. She feeds her students’ passions for music and nurtures their talent. This is a gift my daughter will benefit from for years to come.


Camiah Mingorance is by far the most well connected and equipped voice teacher in the Atlanta area.  Her focus on healthy vocal cords and proper technique gives every singer who works with her a foundation that not go unnoticed by other working professionals…She is one of the reasons that I am pursuing musical theatre in college; she gave me the vocal skills and confidence to do what I love and I am forever grateful!

Taran Beasley

Working with with Camiah Mingorance has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Some call her “mom,” and some “Camiah”, but I call her “The Voice Teacher.”  Camiah has the gift of bringing out the best in each of her clients. She has a unique passion and love for the art of the voice. This comes through with every aspect of her training. Behind her every word is a story, and behind every story there is a heart. A heart that shares all blessings. God has truly sent an angel.

Benjamin Toomer

We can’t say enough about how much we love Ms. Camiah and what a great teacher she is. Our 10 year-old daughter has been taking voice lessons with Ms. Camiah for 16 months and in that time, her vocal ability and strength has grown tremendously. Ms. Camiah has been able to improve our daughter’s pitch, increase her range, and help her begin to find her true vocal tone. Earlier this year, our daughter entered a nationally recognized competition and won platinum level awards in two vocal categories. We credit these results in large part to what our daughter has learned from Ms. Camiah. Ms. Camiah is also very knowledgeable about the mechanics of the voice and as a result, we feel our daughter’s voice is safe in her hands. Our daughter loves her voice lessons and her vocal practice is the one part of her musical practice that she actually enjoys and does not complain about doing! As a Mom herself, Ms. Camiah is terrific with kids, but she is also responsive to parents’ input and ideas and works well together to provide the best vocal path for your child.


Camiah Mingorance is an extraordinary talent.  She quickly builds a positive and nurturing rapport with her students. Mrs. Mingorance is a gifted musical director that expects the best from her students and shows them how to achieve their fullest potential.  In our most recent collaboration, Mrs. Mingorance had a cast of over 50 students for Red Phoenix’s summer production of Les Miserables: The Student Edition. The cast ranged in age from 7-19. It was a three week intensive camp that ultimately performed at the 14th Street Playhouse.  The rich sound that she was able to pull from our students was remarkable.  Each harmony was beautifully crafted and honed in the beautiful yet substantial score.  I would highly recommend any student seeking a private vocal teacher or organization in need of a musical director to give Mrs. Mingorance a call. Red Phoenix was very fortunate to have worked with her over the summer and plan on working with her again as soon as the opportunity allows.

Eric Bragg, Director of Red Phoenix Theater

Camiah is a talented, caring, supportive and focused voice instructor.  My son has taken lessons from her for a couple of years, where this last year has been most critical–as he began preparing for college auditions.   Camiah worked with my son from song selections that would help showcase his voice to assisting him in preparing for multiple auditions for both scholarship and Musical Theatre program placements.  Her assistance in helping find those ‘right cuts’ for the audition and then working with him on how to perform those selections were invaluable.   Camiah’s interaction with her students provide both the constructive and encouraging instructions that a student needs to understand their strengths and weaknesses.   My son gained confidence as he his lessons progressed.   Once the auditions began, Camiah’s instruction had prepared him to do his best.   We were very pleased with the outcome from each audition, as he received multiple acceptances to college Musical Theatre programs, along with scholarships.   We are thankful for Camiah and her talents.   She was such an integral part in the preparation for my son’s college auditions.   We are so thankful to have found her when we were looking for a voice instructor!

Tammy F.