“Camiah took me from a 2nd place state winner at NATS to a State and Regional champ, AND a National Semifinalist!” – T’Arica Crawford, professional singer/actress

Camiah with other area teacher’s at SLS Teacher Conference

Camiah Mingorance is the best of the best.  Not only does she care about her students’ gifts, but she cares about them as people.  I believe having someone like that has great influence on the progress of a student.  She lovingly pushes to show students how much farther they can go.  She believes in students wholeheartedly.  She is very educated but meets students where they are to help them understand her teaching.  And she’s just so much fun to be around.  She has made me a better, healthier singer.  Camiah took me from a 2nd place state winner at NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) to a State and Regional Champion, AND a National Semifinalist.  More than that she has given me so much knowledge about the inner workings of my voice and how to take care of it so I can sustain 7-8 shows a week – T’Arica Crawford, professional singer/actress

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