Laryngeal Massage revolutionizes voice therapy

Singers typically understand the importance of sleep and hydration in taking care of their voice, but few singers realize that there is a powerful tool available to them that produces immediate and long lasting benefits for the vocal health. Laryngeal massage is massage that focuses on the healthy balance of muscles in and around the larynx, where the vocal folds are located.

As a licensed massage therapist and master voice coach, Camiah is uniquely positioned to offer laryngeal massage to clients who may be struggling with various voice concerns – accessing head voice, instability in the voice, tongue tension or any muscle tension, lack of vocal stamina, feeling that singing has become effortful. Clients can devote 20-30 minutes of their hour long voice session to laryngeal massage and then step into the voice studio for remaining part of their session to feel the dramatic changes that have happened in body and voice. For those who want a more intense and in-depth massage, there is an hour of massage where the entire hour can be focused on bringing the muscles of the body and voice back into balance. Just consider this feedback from Steve, a touring artist, “My voice was so unbelievably relaxed and clear that I almost didn’t recognize it.  I had more power in my low notes, I didn’t have to compromise or change my melodies. I normally have quite a bit of distortion on my voice even on good days but it was so clear yesterday it took me a few songs to find distortion when I wanted it. It made it quite clear to me that tension and tightness of all these muscles related to my voice are the key to improving. I wish there were knowledgeable strong magical hands like yours everywhere I’m headed. Laryngeal massage needs to become more common.”

Steve and many other clients say that their voices feel free, effortless, open, powerful and they can access new ranges. Camiah has had decades of experience in rehabilitating voices and she incorporates specialized vocal sounds with the laryngeal massage to help her clients get radical results. Clients who have experienced car accidents, strokes, vocal injury, cervical injury and illness have come to Camiah seeking vocal healing and have been amazed at the results that they experience in under an hour.

Laryngeal massage is a phenomenal tool at singer’s disposal to care for their voice, rehabilitate their voice and discover their full vocal potential!music for spa massage

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